Winner of the JMK Award 2016


The winner of the JMK Award 2016 was Roy Alexander Weise with his production of 'The Mountaintop' by Katori Hall. His designer was Rajha Shakiry and his producer was Desara Bosnja. Runners up were Chelsea Walker with her proposal for 'Low Level Panic' by Clare McIntyre (working with designer Rosanna Vize and producer Chloe Courtney) and Tom Bailey with his proposal for 'The Human Voice' by Jean Cocteau (working with designer Rebecca Wood and producer Molly Roberts).

The other finalists in 2016 were:

Alice Higginson working with producer Charlie Parker and designer Sophie Barlow;

Guy Jones working with designer Bethany Wells and producer Martha Rose Wilson;

Kay Michael working with designer Ruta Irbite and producer Jake Orr;

Oliver O'Shea working with designer Sophie Thomas and producer Lucy Hammond;

Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart working with designer Alex Lowde and producer Ania Obolewicz.

Photo by Rob Logan