JMK Assistant Director Blog – Charlotte Marigot

"The JMK Trust does something invaluable in rewarding emerging directors with professional experience and giving them a chance to grow"

JMK Bursary recipient Charlotte Marigot describes working as the Assistant Director on Macbeth at Tobacco Factory Theatres directed by Adele Thomas. 

"Since I have been assisting in theatre production I have looked for the different projects that will enable me to go further with my craft. Every opportunity enabled me to work on a new genre, a new practice or even a new format. I had learned about the JMK Trust originally through the JMK Award that offers an emerging director the opportunity to direct a show at the Young Vic, and it was when I was studying my MA at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School that I heard of the JMK bursaries. I am working towards making work in the South West and therefore I have been on the look out for JMK's different opportunities for the South West Group.

Working on the Scottish Play (I won't dare calling it by its name again!) was a project I wanted to work on since I read the play. I loved the conflict of Human versus the natural order of Nature, versus Life, the idea that we believe ourselves to be able to defeat it, be stronger than it - while we are not; as well as the idea that language fools us, despite being our most powerful tool. The play was produced at Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol and so being in the South West it was an even more interesting project for me.

The role of an Assistant Director varies from the Director, the project and even the room you are rehearsing in! For this production one of my jobs was to work with the young actors of the cast: there were 4 brilliant actors aged between 9 and 11 to play the parts of Fleance and Macduff's son. I was also here to be a second pair of eyes in the room for Adele Thomas our Director.

It was also an excellent opportunity to extend my understanding of how to approach a Shakespeare play - Adele Thomas' forensic analysis of the text was very insightful - and to learn how to respond to some challenges that threaten the stability of a production for example having to change actors during the rehearsal period as well as during the actual run of the play.

This JMK bursary was a stepping stone in my career as it enabled me to work professionally on Shakespeare and in Bristol and I am very grateful for it. I wish and hope to carry on this new relationship with Tobacco Factory Theatres in the future.

Thanks to the bursary itself it enabled me not to have the extra pressure to work on the side to finance my rent and expenses which was invaluable. Paid assisting opportunities are rare and make a massive difference. This was my first paid job and I have been Assistant Directing for 5 years.

The JMK Trust does something invaluable in rewarding emerging directors with professional experience and giving them a chance to grow.

I can only encourage emerging directors to apply to their different bursaries and encourage old and new funding members to keep participating in creating new opportunities for the directors of today and tomorrow."

This JMK Assistant Director bursary was kindly supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

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