#JMKSpace ‘Crongton Knights’: Collaborative Theatre Making

Creative Collaboration

Approaches to making 'Crongton Knights'

Oliver O'Shea

Following the #JMKSpace Post Show discussion on Crongton Knights, this session continues the conversation with Oliver O'Shea, Creative Associate of Pilot Theatre.

Oliver will explore Pilot's collaborative approach to making work for young people, and the role of dramaturgy in developing stage adaptations, by referring to examples from the creative process.

This #JMKSpace workshop is aimed at JMK National Programme members who saw the production of Crongton Knights, directed by Corey Campbell and Esther Richardson, co-produced with Belgrade Theatre, Derby Theatre and York Theatre Royal.

N.B. You need to have seen the production before participation in the event.

This event is open to all.  It takes the place of our directors' groups normally hosted by Northern Stage and Edinburgh Traverse.

The discussion will take place 4.00pm - 5.00pm on Friday 12th June on Zoom, and will be facilitated by Maria Crocker.

To reserve your free place, and receive a Zoom invitation, please email- maria@jmktrust.org

If you have any access requirements, need technical support or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact maria@jmktrust.org

Pilot Theatre is an international touring company based in York, creating work for, by and with young people on the mid-scale, alongside pioneering, interactive projects in other spaces.

Oliver O'Shea is Creative Associate of Pilot Theatre, supporting the artistic planning, creative learning, and artist development of the company. He is also a freelance theatre director and dramaturg; he was a finalist for the JMK Award in 2016, and the recipient of a JMK Trust assistant director bursary in 2014.

4.00pm - 5.00pm on Friday 12th June
#JMKSpace on Zoom

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