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Today we're opening #JMKSpace, a programme of online workshops over the next few months, whilst the UK population is in lockdown and our partner venues are closed due to Covid 19. Exploiting the benefits of online delivery, many are open … Read More

#JMKSpace: Creating Characters with Gitika Buttoo

Creating Characters with Gitika Buttoo This zoom workshop will explore directing techniques and exercises behind creating the world of a play and in turn developing characters within a story. We'll look at the relationship between … Read More

#JMKSpace Post Show Chat

Fancy watching a play and talking about it? JMK Post-Show is an informal online space for directors and theatre makers to connect whilst discussing a production over a cuppa, wine, or whatever you fancy. We'll be discussing Wasted, a … Read More

#JMK Space: Arts Council Project Funding with David Byrne

Arts Council England Project Funding with David Byrne In a drastically changed/changing landscape, and time of real uncertainty for directors and theatre makers, we have asked David Byrne, Artistic Director of the New Diorama … Read More

#JMKSpace: Abstract Visual Language with Ned Bennett

Abstract Visual Language with  Ned Bennett   During this workshop Ned will explore how a director can work collaboratively in order to create a symbolic theatrical language. We'll look at the relationship between … Read More

#JMKSpace: Creative Access with Nickie Miles-Wildin

Creative Access Making our work accessible with  Nickie Miles-Wildin During this workshop Nickie will explore what we mean by creative access, how to implement it into your work and guide you through making … Read More

Message of The Mountaintop Revived

CAST AND CREW OF THE 2016 DESARA PRODUCTIONS, JMK TRUST AND YOUNG VIC REVIVAL COME BACK TOGETHER TO SHARE PLAY'S VITAL MESSAGE In 2016 Roy Alexander Weise, now Joint Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange Theatre, won the JMK Award and … Read More