Young Vic

Young Vic Production Information for the JMK Award

The Clare is equipped with a flown truss (see plans).
The floor is black hardboard which can be painted (at cost to the production), and must be repainted black after the production (again at cost to the production).
The walls are covered with unpainted ply wood. If you wish to change the finish they must first be clad with hardboard or similar (at cost to the production).
A set of black wool serge drapes for the Clare may be borrowed from the Young Vic subject to availability.

The Clare Theatre is an open flexible space that has no fixed seating; as a consequence everything that is put in there, from installing seating to lighting and set, needs to be considered in the production’s budget. You should aim to design for a capacity of 60; the seating configuration must meet the regulations and guidelines as set down in the ABTT technical standards of entertainment (the yellow book).
Standard seating options are Young Vic bench seating or, subject to availability, black plastic bucket seats with black leatherette pads.

The Young Vic will provide an in-house production manager for the production. The Young Vic will also provide a duty technician from the first day of technical rehearsals until the final performance; the duty technician can act as either lighting or sound operator for the production. In addition, the Young Vic will supply 95 hours of technical staffing for the fit up and 50 hours of technical staffing for technical rehearsals. The cost of any staff over and above this will be recharged to the production. Overtime will be incurred if any technical staff work more than 10 hours in one day, more than 43 hours in one week, before 9am or after 11pm; the cost of this will be recharged to the production.
The Young Vic will provide a staff cost forecast following agreement of final design and an initial draft production schedule with staffing numbers.

The Young Vic can provide a basic lighting and sound rig. Any special items such as projectors, smoke machines or moving lights need to be hired in and will come out of the production’s budget.

The Young Vic has a limited costume and props store. Items may be borrowed subject to availability and prior agreement. There may be costs attached such as transport and dry cleaning that will be passed on to the company.

The Young Vic may be able to respond to a request for small amounts of building work however this will depend on other commitments and work the Young Vic is undertaking at the time of pre-production.

All designs and materials used must be approved by the Young Vic and comply with all current legislation and guidelines and set down in the ABTT technical standards of entertainment (the yellow book).

The Young Vic will supply 16 hours of technical staffing for the get out of the production. Any other get out costs, including staffing in excess of this, will be recharged to the production.

See attached plan: YV Clare Studio JMK, 1:50 @A2