#JMKSpace: Creative Access with Nickie Miles-Wildin

Creative Access Making our work accessible with  Nickie Miles-Wildin During this workshop Nickie will explore what we mean by creative access, how to implement it into your work and guide you through making rehearsal rooms and workshop spaces more accessible for disabled artists. 50 spaces are available. There will be a waiting list for participants […]

Message of The Mountaintop Revived

CAST AND CREW OF THE 2016 DESARA PRODUCTIONS, JMK TRUST AND YOUNG VIC REVIVAL COME BACK TOGETHER TO SHARE PLAY’S VITAL MESSAGE In 2016 Roy Alexander Weise, now Joint Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange Theatre, won the JMK Award and his winning production was Katori Hall’s powerful play THE MOUNTAINTOP. Now in June 2020, […]

#JMKSpace The Writer/Director relationship

The Writer/Director relationship Developing ideas and Dramaturgy with Luke Barnes This #JMKSpace session/workshop on Zoom will look at the writer/ director relationship. How do you clearly move towards a draft of a project from genesis to production draft peacefully, purposefully, whilst maintaining excitement? Run by Luke Barnes; Playwright and Screenwriter. Luke’s work has been produced […]

#JMKSpace Preparing a Show: Nancy Medina

Preparation for shows how the here and now can shape practice with  Nancy Medina This #JMKSpace session/workshop on Zoom will look at how to prepare for shows, with a particular focus on the environment we find ourselves in now. Nancy will lead a guided reflection on how the situation we are currently facing can shape […]

#JMKSpace Approaching the ‘Classics’

Approaching the ‘Classics’ How can directors converse with a play-text? with  Rebecca Frecknall Directing the work of a living writer allows us the possibility for direct access to the playwright. We can ask them questions, dig into their influences and inspirations and learn of the characters’ intentions straight from their creator. But how do Theatre […]

#JMKSpace ‘Crongton Knights’: Collaborative Theatre Making

Creative Collaboration Approaches to making ‘Crongton Knights’ with  Oliver O’Shea Following the #JMKSpace Post Show discussion on Crongton Knights, this session continues the conversation with Oliver O’Shea, Creative Associate of Pilot Theatre. Oliver will explore Pilot’s collaborative approach to making work for young people, and the role of dramaturgy in developing stage adaptations, by referring to […]

#JMKSpace Collaborating with a Designer

Collaboration Working with a theatre designer with  Jeff James A director’s relationship with a designer is crucial to the success of a production. Ideally, the stage design for a show emerges out of a series of conversations between designer and director over the months leading up to rehearsal and production. Focusing on text-based theatre, this […]

#JMKSpace Starting to Cast

How to assemble a company with Tristan Fynn Aiduenu Aimed at early career directors and theatre makers, who may be yet to have opportunities to work with a Casting Director, this #JMKSpace session/workshop on Zoom will take you through many of the tips Tristan has learnt with, and without, casting directors. In this two hour […]

#JMKSpace Post Show for North East Directors

Fancy watching a play and talking about it?  Nothing compares to the magic of a live audience experience. However in these times, it’s fantastic to have access to so much theatre from our living rooms while we patiently wait for our theatre spaces to re-open their doors. But what about the drink and discussion in the […]

#JMKSpace Starting Points: Jaz Woodcock Stewart

Plays that don’t start with the word with  Jaz Woodcock Stewart This #JMKSpace session/workshop on Zoom will look at making plays that don’t start with one writer. In a writing-centric theatre ecology, are there other ways to make Plays? Through tasks and improvisation everyone in a process may ‘write’; whether that be actors, designers and […]