JMK Reading – New Group!

We are excited to form a new Directors' Group in partnership with Reading Rep, who share our commitment to developing new and diverse talent in the industry.

Participants have access to free JMK workshops, residencies and networking events, as well as the opportunity to apply for Assistant Director bursaries.

This Directors' Group is led by JMK Director Practitioner, Nik Partridge. Nik also runs our Directors' Group at Wiltshire Creative & Nuffield Southampton Theatres, encouraging collaboration between directors across the South East/West.

Take Part:

Please get in touch with for details on how to sign up, and join our mailing list for opportunities in Reading and the wider area.

Recent Opportunities:

Routes to Collaboration Call Out:

There has been a strong desire from members of the JMK group to seek routes of collaboration with other artists and practitioners who are based regionally.

As such, the JMK are facilitating some research and development periods at Reading Rep, where artists based in the Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire area will have the opportunity to explore, in a non-outcome focused environment, new ideas and potential future collaborations with other artists.

The call-out will work in two stages.

Firstly, we will be accepting ideas from lead creatives. These ideas should focus on a singular question around a topic or theme you are interested in exploring. It may be that the work already exists, i.e. in the form of a new play or you may wish for it to take a more discursive and open approach to the question.

There is no expectation about what this idea should be, however, you should feel confident that you can meaningfully explore it over the course of the day, with up to 5 collaborators.

You do not need to be a director to submit an idea at this stage. We will accept ideas from artists and practitioners regardless of background or discipline. This call-out will be circulated to all the artist networks at Reading Rep, Wiltshire Creative and Nuffield Theatres.

We are unable to offer technical support during the R&D days, therefore your idea should not require sound or lighting.

The deadline for submission of ideas is: Monday 18th February 2019 and these should be emailed to

For your submission please send a document or email, identifying your area of exploration, they key question you would like to explore and no more than a paragraph detailing how you would like to explore this and why you feel this will be beneficial to you.

Ideas will be selected by Saturday 23rd February. 

The R&D period will run from Monday 8th- Friday 12th April. Each lead artist will be given the space for one day, from 10am - 6pm.

If there are any days which you would be unavailable for in this period, please identify these at the bottom of your application.

On the back of this, we will be doing a second call-out in late February where the five selected ideas will be announced and an invitation for interested collaborators will be announced.


We have free workshops and opportunities coming up at Wiltshire Creative, which Reading-based directors and theatre-makers are encouraged to attend.

More Information:

Listen to Nyasha Gudo describe his experiences working as the Assistant Director on The Mountaintop tour, as our JMK Assistant Director bursary recipient for Reading Rep.