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#JMK Space: Support Our Work in 2021

Theatre relies on its ability to attract a stream of promising new talent, prepared to work with commitment for very modest wages on a freelance basis, creating the sort of shows that often achieve international success after beginning life … Read More


Today we're opening #JMKSpace, a programme of online workshops over the next few months, whilst the UK population is in lockdown and our partner venues are closed due to Covid 19. Exploiting the benefits of online delivery, many are open … Read More

#JMKSpace: Arts Council England Project Funding with Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

In a drastically changed/changing landscape, and time of real uncertainty for directors and theatre makers, we have asked Rebecca Atkinson-Lord (Artistic Director and CEO of Arch 468 and former Co-Director of Theatre at Ovalhouse) to run … Read More

#JMKSpace: Working with Non-Traditional Texts

#JMKSpace: Working with Non-Traditional Texts with Tinuke Craig Join Tinuke Craig for this workshop which will examine the particularities of directing work that doesn't fit comfortably into traditional structures. Perhaps the play is more … Read More

#JMKSpace: Climate Justice and Sustainability

#JMKSpace: Climate Justice and Sustainability In this workshop with Lucy Davies you will explore how the lens of climate justice might influence our practice, and how we can commit to cultural production which does not mirror global … Read More

#JMKSpace: The Role of Producer in the Development of Ideas

#JMKSpace: The Role of Producer in the Development of Ideas In this two-hour online workshop Tim Bell will examine the role of a producer in the development of an idea and you will explore how producers work with artists, when does a … Read More

#JMKSpace: From translation into an original production

#JMKSpace: From translation into an original production Join director Caroline Steinbeis for this workshop exploring working with classic foreign plays, the translation process and how to go about finding your own voice when staging … Read More