JMK Leeds Playhouse – Director & Designer Intensive

With Leeds Playhouse, we’re hosting a two day intensive for 10 early career Directors and 10 early career Set & Costume Designers to explore the relationship between these two roles and the process of creating the design and concept for a piece of theatre.

It’s also an opportunity for artists to meet potential collaborators and peers from across the region. The two days will be led by Hamlet Director Amy Leach and Designer Hayley Grindle, with contributions from Sound Designer & Composer Alexandra Braithwaite. The intensive is FREE to attend and includes a free ticket to watch Hamlet.


Day One:
Friday 29 March, 10am – 5.30pm in Blue Room, Second Floor, 7 Eastgate

Hamlet Performance – Friday 29 March, 7 – 9.40pm at Leeds Playhouse Pop-Up Theatre

Day Two:
Saturday 30 March, 10am – 5.30pm in Rehearsal Room 3, St Peter’s Square.

The intensive and theatre tickets are completely FREE, supported by the JMK Trust and Leeds Playhouse.

How to Apply:

To apply for a place, please send your CV and a covering email including a paragraph explaining why you feel this workshop would be of particular benefit to you at this stage of your career development to Amy Leach - by 6pm on Friday 22 March.

Please mark your email ‘Director/Designer Intensive’ in the subject line.

Leeds Playhouse will let you know if you have a place on the intensive on Monday 25 March.

JMK Northern Stage – CV Surgeries & Application Q&As

Monday 25th March, 4-7pm
Northern Stage

If you’re looking for some advice or guidance on how to polish up your CV or have questions about how to make job applications work better for you, we’re offering 1-2-1 half hour chats with JMK Director Practitioner, Maria Crocker.

Sessions will give you the opportunity to reflect on your application writing skills and are geared towards amplifying your confidence in applying for the next role.  You will be invited to submit your CV or a recent application in advance, to discuss in more detail.

To book please email selecting your 1st and 2nd choice of time slot for Monday 25th March from the options below.

Slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and the deadline for notes of interest is 12 noon Wednesday 20th March.

Time slots are as follows:


Please remember to specify a 1st and 2nd choice of time slot.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please do not hesitate to get in touch with

Routes to Collaboration: Second Call-Out

In January we sent a call-out asking for expressions of interest from artists based in the Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire areas, who have an idea in the early stages of development, that they would like to test over the course of a day at Reading Rep.

We have invited 5 directors and theatre-makers to use the space and they are now looking for collaborators to join them as part of their exploration.

The invited directors and their projects are:

Sabrina Richmond- Manologue

Michael Gerard- The Bench

Adam Radford-Diaper- The ‘Stageability’ of Lord Byron’s Cain

Adrian Tang- New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner (年夜飯)

Alix Cazalet- Mums! The Musical

The development days will take place from Monday 8th – Friday 12th April at Reading Rep. For more information about the projects, including dates and times please see below.

Routes for Collaboration aims to facilitate new opportunities for connection between creatives based regionally, as well as allowing new ideas to be practically explored within a rehearsal space. It is an artist led project, facilitated by the JMK in association with Reading Rep, Wiltshire Creative and Nuffield Southampton Theatres.

There is no level of experience required to join an event and the call-out is open to all creatives, regardless of discipline, including writers, producers, actors and designers.

If you are interested in joining one of the above research and development days, please email: to register your interest. Please include a short bio about yourself and a brief description (no more than a paragraph) of why you are interested in the project. Please ensure that you are fully available for the date specified.

We will stop accepting expressions of interest on Monday 25th March. You are welcome to register interest for more than one event. Collaborators will be selected in conjunction with the lead creative of each day.

If you have any questions or require any additional support, please contact Nik Partridge, JMK Director Practitioner at the above address.


Monday 8th April, 10am-6pm

Sabrina Richmond

Key Question : How to use live art, installation and movement to explore how men and boys are impacted in the current climate where they are labelled as toxic

About the Project: A few years ago, my nephew bust open his lip in a terrible fall. I was astounded how throughout that day from the taxi drive to A&E and in the hospital, a 5-year-old boy was told to be brave and not cry. As a woman, I am increasingly disturbed by the language used about men when discussing how we prevent the discrimination and violation we can experience in spaces where our power is usurped. I am concerned with the direction of conversation that suggests that men are naturally predatory. We are using the same paradigm of stereotypical thinking used to subjugate women. My premise for the exploration is that men are also victim to the patriarchal system, that though they are primary beneficiaries, it is the flip side of the same trap to carry the weight of a set of expectations.

About Sabrina: I’m a performer & writer growing into directing with a background in journalism which drives my interest in issue-based storytelling. I love new writing and have performed in theatres across London. As a theatre maker, I enjoy exploring the themes of; identity, heritage, migration and I am very curious about transgenerational trauma. I am passionate about using movement and music in my practice. My first play An African in the snow - a migratory experience of loving and living in the cracks of identity across 5 countries has an upcoming short residency at The Pleasance (Islington) Theatre's LABS programme.


Tuesday 9th April, 10am-6pm

The Bench 
Michael Gerard

Key Question: What can we learn about someone from simply watching and listening?  Can an unexpected encounter leave us with a profound sense of who we are?

About the Project: Through my work as an actor and director, I’ve developed an interest in the power of simple, truthful engagement.  We are each full of life, energised and intuitive. Carrying with us a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience, what we might call character.

Over the course of the day, I hope we can permit ourselves to relax and prepare a safe and comfortable environment, in which we can bring truthful and honest engagement with each other.  In doing so, we can discover the natural and powerful stories that live within us all.

About Michael: Michael has spent many years in the industry, crossing performance boundaries that cover musical theatre, acting for stage and screen and voiceovers.  Some years ago, an intense study of modern acting techniques, led to an interest in research and development projects and the creation of original contemporary work.

Launching Step Up Drama in 2007, Michael has run a variety of workshops and development projects with actors and writers and continues to do so with the help and support of respected organisations that include Oxford Brookes University, Oxfordshire Theatre Makers and Stage Directors UK.


Wednesday 10th April, 10am-6pm

The "Stageability" of Lord Byron’s 'Cain'
Adam Radford-Diaper

Key Question: How might Romantic Poetic Drama most successfully be staged?

About the Project: Confronted only with the rhetorical acting styles and elaborate sets of 19th century theatre, Lord Byron never sought to stage his 1821 verse-drama, Cain, but, instead, classed his work as ‘mental theatre’. Yet, the play is intrinsically theatrical, its poetic richness and intellectual daring stemming directly from the compelling struggle between its conflicting characters. In a day of R&D at Reading Rep, we will seek to discover whether, two centuries later, today’s theatre-makers are better equipped to grapple with and present Byron’s provocative drama of disillusionment and aspiration, rebellion and murder.

In the morning, we will first address the demands of speaking Byron’s verse with several activities often used in the rehearsal of Shakespeare, before then experimenting with how best to depict and embody the tortured psychologies of Byron’s characters – drawing on approaches from Stanislavski, Lecoq and Laban. In the afternoon, we will tackle the challenge of staging Cain’s metaphysical second act, in which the protagonist is led on a cosmic tour through time and space by the fallen angel, Lucifer. Taking our cue from the rhythm and sound patterning of Byron’s verse, we will explore how the play’s interstellar settings might be evoked physically and expressively by performers.

Expressions of interest for collaboration on this project are open to all theatre-makers willing to engage both their bodies and minds; but performers with experience of verse-speaking or of dance and physical theatre are especially encouraged to register interest.

About Adam: Adam is a fledgling theatre-maker, based in Hampshire, and a graduate of Oxford University, where he acted in and directed many student productions. He has staged both new writing and modern classics – most recently Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls – but has a particular interest in the production of rarely performed historic works that can simultaneously illuminate and challenge modern preoccupations, values and discourses. Adam has spent time shadowing award-winning director, Jonathan Kent, and has worked as a rehearsal assistant at Grange Park Opera and as a dramaturg for Winchester’s Woolly Hat Fair. He has undertaken short courses at RADA, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, the RSC and with Ariane Mnouchkine's ‘Ecole Nomade’. He is currently preparing a fringe production for performance later this year.


Thursday 11th April, 10am-6pm

New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner (年夜飯)
Exit Pursued By Panda / Adrian Tang

Key Question: What ritual or habits (spiritual, religious or superstitious) are part of every day life?

About the Project: I’m writing a play that centres on a Chinese family coming together on Chinese New Year’s Eve and how they cope with the struggles of living in the UK.  The dinner on CNY’s Eve is considered the most important family gathering of the year and I would like to explore how other rituals are part of life and what commonalities there are between different cultures.  This could either be based in finding spirituality, through organised religion or old-fashioned superstition.  The zeitgeist topic in the BEA theatre community recently is all about identity (Citizens of Nowhere? by Ming Ho/ Gwei Mui by Jennifer Tang) and I would like to continue this conversation to show that whilst habits between cultures are different, the struggles of life and people’s coping mechanisms are very similar.  This can be explored through brainstorming, improvisation and telling stories of people’s previous experiences.  This should resonate with all audiences whilst still showing British Chinese identity in a different way.

About Exit Pursued by Panda: Exit Pursued by Panda exists to promote the interests of British East Asian (BEA) actors and artists by looking to produce plays by and about British East Asians.  It was created back in 2016 and the call to action came in 2017 when the Print Room staged In The Depths of Dead Love with an all Caucasian cast despite the play being based on a Chinese fable, set in Ancient China about Chinese people. However, my interactions with people in the BEA theatre community has been very limited, my first being in July 2018 at an event called Pulling No Punches – East Asian Voices.  Ideally, I would like to use this day to work with as many BEA actors and artists as possible. However, if that is not possible, then having a range of people outside of the BEA experience will also be of benefit.


Friday 12th April, 10am-6pm

Mums! The Musical (working title)
Alix Cazalet (Director): Stuff ‘n’ Things Theatre

Key Question: How best to approach and explore this idea from a musical theatre point of view and how can we develop this, keeping the original seed of a vision intact?

About the Project: Mums! is the exploration from a predominantly female view point about becoming a parent for the first time and follows one woman’s journey and her experience of becoming a mum, which isn’t the idyll she expected. I want to discuss this idea openly (particularly with composers, writers and producers), and to explore, share, and listen to/read different musical/writing styles to see where we could take this project potentially. I want to approach it in a lighthearted way and I have a clear idea of what I would want this project to be, which first and foremost, is funny, ridiculous and very much tongue in cheek. However, I am still keen for the characters to be real, to have substance and to find those moments of real poignancy. This is loosely based on real life experience after all. So, meeting with collaborators/creatives who may be interested in this idea and who have a similar mindset/outlook would be brilliant!

About Alix: I originally trained as an actor and (since having my family) have spent the past 18 years, training and directing young actors in performing arts with various companies/theatres in the South East. I have directed numerous shows, ranging from Macbeth to Hairspray and I’m particularly keen to work in musical theatre. Stuff ‘n’ Things is my new venture, a platform from which to create my own work for the mainstream and Mums! is my first project.

JMK Shows To See This Spring

There are loads of great shows to see this Spring, directed/created by JMK Award alumni, finalists and bursary recipients. We've gathered them together here:



Written by Matt Grinter, directed by JMK bursary recipient Chloe Masterton.

“One girl, against the happiness of the whole village. Can you not see it has to be done?”

Midsummer. The village must choose a new Daughter to sail with the fishing boats and bless the waters, keeping the threat of the orcas that roam the sea at bay for another year.

Fan hopes with all her heart to be the one chosen, but her older sister Maggie is adamant she must never, never, go with the boats. Because something happened to Maggie out there. Because no one will admit it. Because sometimes the most beautiful places harbour the darkest secrets.

Orca is an incisive, unflinching insight into what makes a community tolerate the unthinkable.

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
Weston Studio, Bristol Old Vic, until 16 March



(Can This Be) Home

Written by JMK bursary recipient Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir and Tom Oakes. Directed by Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir.

(Can This Be) Home is half music gig, half spoken word.  Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir examines the immigrant experience of the EU referendum and flautist and composer Tom Oakes plays the tunes his travels have inspired. Between them is a tape deck and a pile of sand. A show literally in the making since the summer before the vote, we take stock of where we are now, whatever that now looks like.

Can we ever feel at home again? Brite Theater is a multi-award-winning company known for unorthodox stagings. (Can This Be) Home won the Prague Fringe New Territories Award 2018.

Tron Theatre (14-16 March) Tickets
Traverse Theatre (28 March) Tickets


Blue Thunder

Written by Padraic Walsh, directed by JMK Award winner (2011) Cathal Cleary.

"My life is where you’re scared something is going to happen and then it does."

It’s 3am in small-town Ireland. The nightclub is closed and Brian's not taking any more fares until tomorrow. But, when his drunk sons show up demanding a lift home, it becomes clear that the night is only just getting started...

Take your seat in the back as Brian's two sons hijack his night. They're going to fix their lives. You're coming with them.

Padraic Walsh's powerfully immersive play, staged entirely within a minibus by award-winning director Cathal Cleary, gets up close and personal with one splintered family in small-town Ireland. Funny and excruciating by turns, Blue Thunder examines manhood and what happens when the people who should be there for you have nothing left to give.

Vault Festival, until 17 March.

Tickets sold out but further details available here


The Trick

Written by Eve Leigh, directed by JMK Award winner (2016) Roy Alexander Weise.

Of course you take me away from the world, and who cares…you’re the best reason I know to wake up.

Mira’s husband, Jonah, died seven months ago, but that doesn’t mean that either of them are ready to let him go.

For most of her life Jonah has been Mira’s reason to get out of bed in the morning. So when he does his final disappearing act, Mira can’t quite believe her eyes. She knows she should be moving on. And yet, Mira finds herself caring less and less about the world outside.

The Trick is a magic show about the parts of life we don’t talk about – the realities of getting older and coming to terms with loss. Ghosts, goldfish, mediums, and sleight-of-hand collide in this unpredictable exploration of ageing and grief

Bush Theatre, until 23rd March.



Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train

Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by JMK Award winner (2014) Kate Hewitt.

From Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Adly Guirgis, comes this critically-acclaimed dark comedy about the American justice system and the contradictory nature of faith.

Inside the lockdown wing of Rikers Island prison, a frightened young man accused of murdering a cult leader is confronted with a charismatic born-again serial killer and a sadistic guard.  Will one man’s redemption lead to another’s damnation?

★★★★ ‘Kate Hewitt stages a production of hurtling intensity and immediacy’ Mark Shenton,

Young Vic, Until 6 April.



The Princess & The Hustler

Written by JMK bursary recipient Chinonyerem Odimba, directed by Dawn Walton.

“My name is Phyllis Princess James. I will wear this crown every day. I will never take it off even when I am asleep.”

Meet Princess. A cheeky 10-year-old, with a plan to win the Weston-Super-Mare Beauty Contest. Trouble is, her mum is busy working several jobs, her brother, a budding photographer, won’t even take her picture and then – The Hustler returns.

In 1963 Bristol, as Black British Civil Rights campaigners walk onto the streets, Princess finds out what it really means to be black and beautiful.

★★★★ 'Richly textured, passionate and enormously affecting. Beautiful.' The Times

Touring: venues include Hull Truck Theatre (5-16 March), Nuffield Southampton Theatres (19-20 March), Oxford Playhouse (22-23 March), Liverpool Playhouse (3-6 April), Live Theatre Newcastle (9-13 April).



Tensile Strength (or How to Survive at Your Wit's End)

Written and performed by JMK bursary recipient Holly Gallagher, directed by Daniel Bye.

Tensile Strength (or How to Survive at Your Wit's End) is a performance about Stress and figuring out why so many of us feel it to an unhealthy degree. It’s about fear, pressure, uncertainty. It’s about sadness and mental health and how we help ourselves. It’s about feeling like things are all A Bit Too Much and then the cat goes missing.

This is a show about the world we live in now, and will prove essential viewing in a society that just can't seem to relax anymore.

Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham (11 March) Tickets
Tron Theatre, Glasgow (20-22 March) Tickets
The Civic, Barnsley (6 April) Tickets
Camden Peoples Theatre, London (9-10 April) Tickets
York Theatre Royal (11 April) Tickets
Harrogate Theatre (12 April) Tickets

Further Touring Dates


Rutherford and Son

Written by Githa Sowerby, directed by JMK Award winner Polly Findlay.

A piercing look at power and family.

Roger Allam (Les MisérablesThe Thick of It) returns to the National for the first time in a decade to play Rutherford in this new production.

In a Northern industrial town, John Rutherford rules both factory and family with an iron will. But even as the furnaces burn relentlessly at the Glassworks, at home his children begin to turn against him.

Githa Sowerby’s astonishing play was inspired by her own experience of growing up in a family-run factory in Gateshead. Writing in 1912, when female voices were seldom heard on British stages, she now claims her place alongside Ibsen and Bernard Shaw with this searing depiction of class, gender and generational warfare.

National Theatre, from 16 May




Created by playwright Ella Hickson and sound designers Ben and Max Ringham, directed by JMK Award winner Natalie Abrahami.

1968. East Berlin.

Anna and Hans are married, in love and moving up in the world – but it is a world ruled by suspicion. Who can be trusted when everyone is listening?

This tense new thriller uses individual audio headsets to give the audience intimate access to events as they unfold over one evening, in East Berlin.

Can we ever escape our past?

National Theatre, from 11 May



Venice Preserved

Written by Thomas Ottoway, directed by JMK Award runner-up Prasanna Puwanarajah.

Driven by love and revenge, two disaffected noblemen join a revolutionary movement to overthrow the corrupt leaders of their failed city state. But the conspirators they join are as corrupt as those in power, and their friendship is torn to pieces in the furnace of love.

Venice Preserved was Prasanna's chosen text as runner up for the JMK Award - we are thrilled his production will be realised the RSC's stage. The production's cast includes the Chair of the JMK Trust, Stephen Fewell.

RSC, from 24 May


New – JMK Nottingham Workshops

We're delighted to announce a new addition to our National Programme partner venues - Nottingham Playhouse, where our JMK workshops will be delivered in partnership with their Amplify programme.

The JMK & Amplify directors events at Nottingham Playhouse are free, and open to emerging and established directors who either live in or come from the East Midlands. The programme will be curated by JMK Director Practitioner Martin Berry, who also co-ordinates our programmes at the Royal & Derngate and Birmingham Rep.

Our first two workshops are detailed below:

Workshop with Claire Birch, Royal Shakespeare Company

Wednesday 27th March, 6pm
Neville Studio, Nottingham Playhouse

A 2 hour workshop with Claire Birch from the RSC looking at how the RSC works with directors.

About Claire Birch:

For the RSC Claire has produced each of the Mischief Festivals at The Other Place so far, plays include; The Ant and the Cicada Timberlake Wertenbaker, Revolt. She said. Revolt again Alice Birch, I Can Hear You E. V Crowe, This is Not an Exit Abi Zakarian, Fall of the Kingdom, Rise of the Foot Solider Somalia Seaton, Always Orange Fraser Grace, The Earthworks Tom Morton-Smith, Myth Matt Hartley and Kirsty Housley, Day of the Living Darren Cark, Amy Draper and Juliet Gilkes Romero, #WeAreArrested Can Dundar, Pippa Hill and Sophie Ivatts, Maydays by David Edgar. In the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and on tour: A Midsummer Night’s Dream a Play for the Nation, On tour: First Encounters Taming of the Shrew and First Encounters The Famous Victories of Henry V. At The Other Place and on tour: The Tempest (for children with autism) by Shakespeare. Current productions include, The Provoked Wife by John Vanbrugh, Venice Preserved by Thomas Otway, King John by Shakespeare and A Museum in Baghdad by Hannah Kahlil for the Swan Theatre.

In addition, Claire recruits and works closely with the RSC’s assistant directors and produces the research and development programme of work with internal and external artists.

Click here to book your free place


Workshop with the Artistic Director of Paines Plough, James Grieve

Tuesday 9th April, 6pm
Neville Studio, Nottingham Playhouse

This 3 hour workshop will look at how directors work with writers to develop new plays.

About James Grieve:

James is Joint Artistic Director of Paines Plough, the UK’s national theatre of new plays. For Paines Plough he has directed new plays by writers including Mike Bartlett, James Graham, Kate Tempest, Elinor Cook, Tom Wells, Anna Jordan, Brad Birch, Penelope Skinner and Nick Payne. His freelance work includes a new production of Les Miserables for Wermland Opera in Sweden, Brian Friel’s Translations which won Best Production at the UK Theatre Awards 2014 and the new musical The Assassination of Katie Hopkins which won Best Musical Production at the UK Theatre Awards 2018.

Click here to book your free place


To sign up for our new JMK Nottingham mailing list, and receive future opportunities direct to your inbox, please email

JMK Traverse – Upcoming Opportunities

We're excited to share details of our upcoming events at the Traverse Edinburgh:

Directing Musical Theatre

Saturday 30th March
10am-12pm, at the Traverse.

Have you ever wondered about directing for musical theatre? This workshop is a great chance to explore and question different approaches to directing musicals. The free, 2 hour session, will include a group discussion, Q&A, and working together practically to direct a musical theatre song with:

Musical Director: Phil Bateman (credits include Billy Elliot, The Lorax, Bugsy Malone, Three Sisters, Our House, Made in Dagenham, Local Hero)

Performer: Suzie McAdam (credits include Kinky Boots, West End; Local Hero, Edinburgh Lyceum)

Director: Maria Crocker (credits as Associate Director include Pinocchio, National Theatre; Hadestown, National Theatre; Local Hero, Edinburgh Lyceum)

How to Book:

Please email by 12 noon on Monday 25th of March


CV Surgeries and Application Q&As

Thursday 4th April
5.30-8pm, at the Traverse

If you’re looking for some advice or guidance on how to polish up your CV or have questions about how to make job applications work better for you, we’ll be offering 1-2-1 half hour chats with either JMK Director Practitioner, Maria Crocker or Traverse Creative Producer, Sunniva Ramsay.

Sessions will give you the opportunity to reflect on your application writing skills and are geared towards amplifying your confidence in applying for the next role.  You will be invited to submit your CV or a recent application in advance, to discuss in more detail.

Time slots are as follows:


How to Book:

Please note these time slots are now all full. Time slots were allocated on a first come, first served basis. To be added to the waiting list, please email


If you have any questions about these opportunities, please email

To sign up to the JMK Traverse mailing list and receive our upcoming opportunities directly, please email

HOME Manchester Recruiting Associate Director

Our National Programme partner venue HOME Manchester is seeking an Associate Director:

The Associate Director is a critical new role for HOME, and is part of a new approach to developing distinctive, original art. The role is designed for an established artist, with a specialism in theatre, who wants to evolve their creative practice and have a lasting impact on a leading multi-art form organisation at an early stage in its artistic evolution.

The Associate Director will:

  • Support the development of artists and companies; providing support in the development of new work and mentorship for commissioned artists;
  • Creatively lead projects and productions on HOME’s stages and other spaces;
  • Help to develop HOME’s programme of produced and incoming work;
  • Play an active role in HOME’s award-winning engagement programme;
  • Work closely with Manchester School of Theatre in developing Directors and Actors.

You can download the full Job Pack with information on how to apply here

The deadline for applications is Monday 18th March 2019

First interviews will take place w/c 1st April 2019

HOME strives to present a vibrant, diverse programme that is reflective of the city that we live in. They believe that this can only truly be achieved if the workforce at HOME encompasses a broad range of beliefs and vantage points. They particularly welcome applications from people from a BAME background or those who are Deaf or disabled, as they are currently under-represented in this venue's workforce.

Visit the HOME Manchester website for more details.

JMK HOME Manchester: Producing Theatre Workshop

We're excited to share details of our free Producing Theatre workshop, for members of our JMK HOME Directors' Group:

Monday 11 March, 5pm
HOME Manchester

Learn from a panel of producers about what’s involved in producing theatre. From their experience of independent and building-based producing, learn about the various duties and responsibilities of producers, their relationship with directors, and pick up some advice on how to self-produce your own work.

Nick Stevenson – Nick is the Associate Producer at Theatr Clwyd in North Wales, and the Exec producer and co-founder of Junction 8 Theatre, a company based in Chorley in Lancashire which is currently making its second ACE funded show.

Amy Fisher – Amy is the Producer at Stephen Joseph Theatre. She has previous experience as a freelance producer, and was the producer for Manchester-based new writing company, Box of Tricks.

Sarah Sharp – Sarah is the Talent Development Producer at HOME Manchester. Previously Sarah worked as Producer and Programmer at Theatre Deli Sheffield and co-conceived Migration Matters Festival in 2015.

To book your free place, please click here.

If you are not already a member of the JMK HOME Directors' Group, please email and  to register before booking.

JMK South West – Upcoming Events

We're delighted to share details of our upcoming free programme at Wiltshire Creative. Please email to sign up for any of the below events.

If you are not already a member of our JMK South West directors' group, please also email to register.

14th February - 2nd March

There's two weeks of incredible South West work on offer and some can be seen while in Salisbury for JMK events. Great opportunity to see what's being made in the region, find out where your work sits and then apply to be part of next year's festival. All info online here and full brochure here

There is also the South West Symposium on Thursday 28th Feb-  a chance to meet other artists and industry professionals and discuss cross art form practice, it's a jam packed day and always a really useful way to make connections. A lot of the Venues South West network and national promoters will be there too.

Friday 1st March, 6.30-9pm
Media Space, Salisbury Arts Centre
with Tanuja Amarasuriya

Noise vs Space: ways to think about, talk about and work with sound as a director

Sound and music can be powerful storytelling tools, but they can be tricky to talk about and conventional theatre processes often leave little time for integrating sound in anything other than a supporting role. This discursive workshop will look at approaches to using sound dramaturgically and tips for collaborating with sound designers.

Tanuja Amarasuriya is a Director, Dramaturg and Sound Designer who works across theatre, film and digital sound. As a Director and Dramaturg, she has worked with playwrights and theatremakers including Improbable, Eno Mfon, Timothy X Atack, Dipika Guha, Sam Halmarack and Raucous. As a Sound Designer her work includes with Selina Thompson, Chris Thorpe & Rachel Chavkin, and forthcoming work by Inua Ellams. She is a resident at Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio, a Leverhulme Arts Scholar attached to Bristol Old Vic, and co-Artistic Director of Sleepdogs, a wide-ranging collaboration with writer/composer Timothy X Atack. Sleepdogs' work has been developed and presented nationally and internationally, including at: the National Theatre (London), Bristol Old Vic, Seattle International Film Festival, Manchester Royal Exchange, New Wolsey (Ipswich), Brighton Festival, NexT International Film Festival (Bucharest), BIOS (Athens) and Sura Medura (Sri Lanka).

Saturday 2nd March, 11am
Salisbury Arts Centre

Director’s Brunch

A chance to meet with Jo Newman, Associate Director at Wiltshire Creative and Nik Partridge, JMK Director Practitioner, as well as connect with other local and regionally based directors in an informal setting. Tea and coffee will be provided.

From 12pm onwards there is a chance to catch live music and performance at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of Fest West including Jo Bannon's Exposure

Saturday 2nd March, 2-5pm
White Room at Salisbury Arts Centre

Staging Memory with Melly Still

This workshop will explore the process of adaptation and staging a 'whodunnit'.

Melly Still is a director, designer and choreographer. Her recent directing credits include The Lovely Bones (Birmingham Rep, Royal & Derngate and Northern Stage co-production in association with Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse); My Brilliant Friend (Rose Theatre Kingston) and Cymbeline (RSC).

There’s also a ticket offer for The Mirror Crack’d directed by Melly Still at Salisbury Playhouse for 2nd March 7.30pm. Tickets are availble at £9. Please email to reserve your ticket as soon as possible.

Wednesday 3rd April
Main stage at Salisbury Playhouse

Invitation to sit in on tech and dress rehearsal for Handbagged. 
Times tbc
Directed by Jo Newman, this is an opportunity to sit in and observe the process as a show moves from tech to final dress rehearsal. Final timings will be confirmed with participants upon signing up, but they should expect this to be a full day of observation.

Saturday 27th April, Wiltshire Creative, 4-6pm 
Rehearsal Room, Salisbury Playhouse
Making your own theatre - Producing Workshop - Lizzie Stables

As artists, we often hear that the best thing we can do is to make our own work. The question is how, and where do you start? In this two-hour workshop, we will explore ways to approach getting projects off the ground - looking at the process of creating a show from the seed of an idea through to production.

Lizzie Stables is an actress, theatre producer and Artistic Director of Folio Theatre Company, which she formed in 2015 in order to create and produce new plays for touring. Folio's debut show, Unearthed, received critical acclaim and was subsequently listed in The Guardian as one of their readers' favourite stage shows of 2015. Folio's next production, The Edit, will tour in Spring 2019 in association with Wiltshire Creative, premiering at Salisbury Playhouse's Salberg Theatre. @lizzie_js / @foliotheatre /

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JMK Northern Stage – Working with a Movement Director Workshop

Monday 25th February, 6.30 - 8.30pm, Northern Stage
Working with a Movement Director… 

Join Northern Stage’s Associate Director, Mark Calvert, and Movement Director Martin Hylton, for a free, 2 hour workshop, exploring the director/movement director relationship.

Mark and Martin have worked together on staging large scale musical productions, including Northern Stage’s James And The Giant Peach, Alice In Wonderland and most recently, A Christmas Carol. This workshop will delve into the process of working with a movement director, from the first meeting through to press night, and will touch on different approaches of staging dance and movement. There may be some physical activity, so please wear appropriate clothing.

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